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XDCDomains.org (Twitter - @ownxdc) in partnership with XDCDomains.xyz (Twitter - @xdcdomains) are excited to give away 10 5+ character .xdc domains over the next 20 days.

The winner will have their domain minted and sent to their wallet with one winner being drawn every 48 hours. Winners will be announced here and on twitter.

To qualify, please complete the tasks below.


XDCPay and a connection to XDCDomains.xyz are required.

Free.xdc - XDCPay

Winner domains must be unclaimed and available @ XDCDomains.xyz.

Free.xdc available

New tasks each draw giving you more chances to win.

Free.xdc Draw 10

Reward for Effort - Most effort wins!
Winner selected by me @ownxdc

From Draw 1 I have noticed the effort put in by some accounts. I would like to reward your effort. The last task will be added to your effort over the course of these giveaways and a winner selected.

1) Promote @xdcdomains and @ownxdc websites, XDCDomains.xyz XDCDomains.org respectively, on twitter using whatever methods you like, ie tweets, retweets, quote tweets, hashtags, memes etc. Maybe create a post/article/tutorial on this site and promote it on twitter. It's up to you!

Don't forget to add @xdcdomains and @ownxdc so we don't miss your work.

Status: Closed

Winner: @XinFinUK

Free.xdc Draw 9

Last Hat Draw

1) Select your poll answer in the pinned tweet thread.

2) Reply to poll tweet with #FreeXDCDomains

Status: Closed

Winner: @RGro19

Free.xdc Draw 8

Community Vote - Most liked and retweeted title wins!

1) Replace one word in a movie or song title with .XDC and quote tweet or post in pinned tweet replies. (Or do both - your call)

2) Add this hashtag...#FreeXDCDomains

eg. Indiana Jones and the Temple of .XDC #FreeXDCDomains

Status: Closed

Winner: @MichelCrypto1
Domain: wonderland.xdc

Free.xdc Draw 7

Hat Draw

1) Create a tweet promoting .XDCDomains.
Include @ownxdc @xdcdomains in the tweet, and hashtags of your choice.

Status: Closed

Winner: @Frank77513915
Domain: manchesterunited.xdc

Free.xdc Draw 6

Hat Draw

1) Quote Tweet the pinned tweet and include this hashtag... #FreeXDCDomains

Status: Closed

Winner: @michaelXDC2021
Domain: 00007.xdc

Free.xdc Draw 5

Hat draw

1) Retweet the pinned tweet.

2) @ 2 friends in the pinned tweet replies.

Status: Closed

Winner: @piotrDOTxdc
Domain: airways.xdc

Free.xdc Draw 4

Winner selected by me @ownxdc

1) Complete the meme and post in pinned tweet replies.

Note 1: Must include .XDC

Note 2: Feel free to post multiple ideas/replies. More chances to win!

Example Twitter Reply: Free.XDC is awesome!
Image description

Status: Closed

Winner: @CoinCowArt
Domain: think.xdc

Free.xdc Draw 3

Hat draw

1) Retweet the pinned tweet.

Status: Closed

Winner: @offgridgambler
Domain: yummy.xdc

Free.xdc Draw 2

Hat draw

1) Create an account on this site.

2) Post your @TwitterAccount in the comments below.

Status: Closed

Winner: @dutt_aria
Domain: resorts.xdc

Free.xdc Draw 1

Hat draw

1) Follow @ownxdc and @xdcdomains on twitter.
2) Like and retweet the pinned tweet for this post @ownxdc.

Status: Closed

Winner: @hryiball
Domain: mrblack.xdc

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