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HowToBuy.xdc With XDCPay

This is a simple step by step guide to buying .XDC Domains from exchange to wallet using XDCPay.

1) Buy some $XDC from one of the exchanges listed here and send it to your XDCPay wallet. You will need about 402 $XDC to comfortably cover the transaction costs for a 5 character domain name.

XDC Exchanges

2) Go to XDCDomains.xyz


3) Log in to XDCPay and add the XDCDomains.xyz smart contract.


XDCDomains.xyz Add Token

XDCDomains.xyz Smart Contract Form

XWD Token is now added to XDCPay.

XDCDomains.xyz XWD Token

4) Launch the XDCDomains.xyz App and select XDCPay Wallet.

XDCDomains.xyz Launch App

5) Search for your Domain.

XDCDomain Search

6) Mint your Domain. (Note the transaction fee)

XDCDomain Minting

7) Congratulations...Your .XDC Domain is now owned by you.

XDCDomain Minting Success

XDCDomains Dashboard

8) If you only have one domain there is nothing more to do. You may now use your new domain address.

If you have more than one domain, you will have to set one domain as the primary domain. (Again, note the transaction fee)

XDCDomains Set Primary

9) And that's it. You are good to go!

Your long hash wallet address is now replaced in the address bar with your new Domain Name.

XDCDomains XDCPay Wallet Address

And your XDCPay wallet will now show your XWD (XDCDomain, .XDC) balance.

XDCDomains XDCPay Balance

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